swim with whale sharks.   go cliff jumping.   walk up the Coba ruins.   travel to Vegas with my best friends.   run into Calvin Harris on the street.   go to an EXO concert.   get pierced.   see Justin Bieber live.   drink & eat fish and chips at a London pub.   walk the Tower Bridge.   get sick drinking and eating fish and chips at a dodgy London pub.   get in trouble for using my selfie stick at the British Museum.   make new friends from Idaho.   befriend a stranger on a plane.   see Mont Blanc.   let random Swiss locals guide me around Geneva.   get lost in Zürich and lose my passport.   meet a day-old friend in Madrid.   spontaneous trip to Barcelona.   parrot watching by the Mediterranean.   get lost in Barcelona.   see Gaudi’s artwork.   Sagrada Familia.   all night bus to Portugal.   sitting by Belem tower for 6 hours to get the right sunset shot.   tequila bar in Lisbon.   sharing a cab with a stranger.   fado singing.   set sail to see the Hawaiian islands.   Akaka falls.   swimming in an unnamed waterfall.   helicopter ride above a volcano.   Hanauma bay.   eating shaved ice on Waikiki beach.   Maui.   watching a symphony for the first time.   me before you.   graduating university.   running around Paris with my best friend.   drinking pilsner in Prague.   getting caught in a rainstorm in Prague.   running into a university friend in Prague.   walking the Charles Bridge.   eating an authentic bread tunnel and pig knuckles. crying strolling through the Jewish Quarter.   viewing the Astronomy Clock.   Czesky Krumlov.   running down the Czesky castle in order to save my water bottle.   eat rabbit. bus to Dresden, Germany.   explore the ruins & statues of Dresden.   dance barefoot. midnight walk around Prague.   receive a flower from a native Mexican in Mexico.   stroll the beaches of Cancun during twilight.   fly to Korea without family.   explore Korea with one of my best friends.   go to Lotte World and get sick.   get caught between a presidential protest of 100,000 policemen and 1,000,000 seoulites.   have McDonalds delivery at a swanky hotel.   see one of my Korean best friends for just an hour.   go snowboarding for the first time in 4 years.   get a concussion, again.   dine out Vancouver. get a job.   explore Vancouver with Idaho & Colorado friends.   write letters to Russia.   go to an Indian dress dance party.   head to Paris for a month without knowing anybody or anything.   get over my allergy of cats.   walk all over Paris.   gaze at the grandiose of the Arc de Triomphe.   be invited to a French family’s home and enjoy a meal at 11pm. pioneer meeting in France.   explore the Eiffel tower with new French friends.   see the infamous love locks of Pont Neuf.   try a French eclair.   meet American strangers in France.   going up the Eiffel tower with American strangers.   having French Strawberry champagne.   buy a book at Shakespeare and Company.   drink wine, and eat with now American friends at the jardins of Luxembourg.   explore the Louvre.   saying a tearful goodbye to American friends. eating a crepe that’s on fire.   go to a party knowing no one.   learning how to drink wine and eat cheese like a real Parisian.   escargots & le steak et frites.   flying to Milano. meeting hometown friends for an international Italian roadtrip.   eating pizza and tiramisu in Verona.   exploring Venice with Canadian friends.   Rialto bridge.   riding the gondolas through the Venetian canals.   watching a soccer match with all of Verona in the city centre.   Romeo and Juliet’s window.    leave a note for Juliet.   jump into a lake in Italy fully clothed.   get upgraded on a plane for wearing a Verona soccer sweater.   sit on a Paris rooftop.   watching the Eiffel tower twinkle at night.   see the wall of Love.   Sacre Ceour.   order coffee in my now mostly fluent French.   bethel & Giverny.   visit Claude Monet’s house and see the water lilies.   explore the Musee d’Orsay.   eat French macaroons.   visit the Chateau de Versailles and the gardens.   have authentic French onion soup.   meet native French Asians and befriend them.   visit the Eiffel tower during sunset.   walk the Champs de Mars at midnight.   have a picnic on the Champs de Mars with French locals.   pop champagne in front of the Eiffel tower.   drive around Paris at night.

and I’ve still got the other half of 2017.


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